This is my artistic idea inspired to my "Sins & Desires" EP and song.  

It is about the constant fight between our inner being and the society. It tells about how we change our nature in order to adopt and be part of modern society and its rules, I call it "the deal" we have to make if we want to play the game called Life.

We have a chromatic contrast between the warm colors of the inside and the cold colors of the outside, it is a symbol of the contrast between our inner being and the society outside, between Sins & Desires, between what we are, what we want to be and what we are forced to be .
Inner torment is symbolized by the look, the look is the search for answers and it goes in third direction, it is not in the room, it is not outside, where are we looking for the answers?
inside the room we have a painting on the wall, it is our idea of the world outside, it has the same color but different shapes, it is our very own idea of it.


The man here was looking for answers of his existential question on a book, the book is the symbol of the past, the experiences of someone else written on paper, it is the symbol of history, customs, traditions. The man can’t find answers in that, it looks another way, he looks outside the room. His body is in the dark side of the room. Behind him room is lighted up, light symbolize the knowledge, the answers he’s looking for. The man is looking outside but what he’s looking for is just behind him. It is about how sometimes we are really close to what we are looking for but we can’t realize that. An empty chair in the light is the spot where the man was supposed to be set but he’s actually still sitting in the dark.